The main advantage of phosphate esters is their inherent fire retarding property which is especially needed in demanding applications to improve the behaviour of plasticised polymers. Triaryl phosphates (e.g. cresyl diphenyl phosphate) and alkyl diaryl phosphates (e.g. 2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate) are the two main categories of this kind of plasticisers (US: plasticizers).

While aromatic phosphate esters are typically used in PVC, TPU, thermosets and rubbers, aliphatic phosphates are mainly used in polyurethane foams. In PVC, the phosphate esters offer good gelling behaviour and low temperature performances.

CategoryNameAcronymCasECProduced by membersApplicationsClassification
Phosphate esterTris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate78-42-2201-116-6YesNot class.
Phosphate ester2-ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate1241-94-7214-987-2YesNot class.