Press Review

01 May 2012

European Plastics News: Global PVC market to hit $65bn by 2019

New report argues that with the end of the global recession the construction industry will boost demand for PVC and spark the annual growth to an average growth to 3.9%. Read the article......

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30 March 2012

Forbes: NRDC champions shoddy journalism on endocrine active chemicals

Jon Entine attempts to bring some common sense into science reporting following a story on the presence of certain chemicals in our bodies. Read the article......

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01 February 2012

British Plastics & Rubber News: Vinyl Special: A Positive View on PVC

British Plastics & Rubber News February issue included an interview with Roger Mottram, Chairman of the BPF Vinyls Group, discussing various subjects such as VinylPlus, the Olympics and recycling.......

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17 January 2012

The Guardian: Nine Ways Scientists Demonstrate they Don’t Understand Journalism

Struggling to tell a science-based story in general public media? Nature’s Chief Online Editor explains why common criticisms of science journalism would not lead to improved reports. Read the......

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