Amongst adipates, we can mention:

DBEA, a plasticiser used in polar elastomers and which provides good low temperature flexibility

DBEEA, a plasticiser used in polar rubbers and which provides good low temperature flexibility. DBEEA is used where high temperatures (low VOC characteristics) are important.

CategoryNameAcronymCasECProduced by membersApplicationsClassification 
AdipateDiisobutyl adipateDIBA141-04-8205-450-3Not class.
AdipateBenzyl 2-ethylhexyl adipateBOA905-983-8Not class.
AdipateDi-2-ethylhexyl adipateDEHA103-23-1203-090-1Flooring, Wall coverings, Cladding and Roofing, Film and sheet, Automotive , Tubes & Hoses, Coated Fabrics, Inks and waxes, Food packaging - Cling Wrap, ToysNot class.
AdipateDiisononyl adipateDINA33703-08-1291-426-8Adhesives & Sealants, Food packaging - Cling WrapNot class.
AdipateDiisodecyl adipateDIDA27178-16-1248-299-9Not class.
AdipateDitridecyl adipateDTDA16958-92-2241-029-0Not class.
AdipateDi-n-butyl adipateDBA105-99-7203-350-4Not class.
AdipateDi-(2-butoxyethyl)adipateDBEA141-18-4205-466-0Not class.
AdipateBis[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethyl]adipateDBEEA141-17-3205-465-5Not class.