PVC4Cables Conference: second edition in Berlin

The 2nd PVC4Cables Conference Innovation and Sustainability for Smart Electrical Systems will take place in Berlin, Germany, on the 7th November, 2019.

The conference will present and debate the state of the art on PVC cables and their numerous technical and functional benefits for users and consumers: from markets trends, standardisation, fire and smoke behaviour, to new Life Cycle Assessment and Total Cost of Ownership studies. Particular attention will be given to innovation in additives and formulations which make PVC cables more performant.

PVC4Cables is the ECVM's platform dedicated to the PVC cables value chain. It brings together the producers of PVC resins, stabilisers and plasticisers, and PVC compounders. Participation is open to PVC cables producers, recyclers and value chain’s associations. PVC4Cables intends to act as a driver for environmentally responsible innovations in the PVC cables sector and as a focal point for dialogue and communications with all stakeholders: cable producers, regulators, specifiers, installers, electricians, media and the general public.

Register now: https://vinylplus.events.idloom.com/pvc4cables-berlin2019