No risk management measures needed for DEHTP, ANSES concludes

Brussels, 8 May – The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) has recently confirmed that, based on the available data, diethylhexyl-terephthalate (CAS number 6422-86-2) - commonly known as DEHTP or DEHT or DOTP - presents no danger or risk for health and the environment. This toxicological analysis has been performed under the REACH PACT- RMOA (Risk Management Options Analysis – Public Activities Communication Tool) in the context of the French Strategy for Endocrine Disruptors (SNPE). ANSES’s conclusion is that DEHTP does not require any specific risk management measure under the REACH PACT-RMOA.

“Comprehensive data is crucial to ensure the highest safety standards for the use of any substance” commented ECPI’s manager, Stéphane Content. “ANSES report is a valuable step forward confirming that DEHTP can be safely used in flexible PVC and other applications” he added.

It is understood that there will now be a public consultation held by the French Ministry of Ecology under the SNPE and a final opinion will be issued in due course. It is also anticipated that the REACH Risk Management Options Analysis (RMOA) will be finalized and published on the Public Activities Communication Tool (PACT) website later this year.

The ANSES opinion (in French) can be found at:

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