Final SEAC and RAC opinions support the restriction of DEHP, DBP, BBP and DiBP

Brussels, 29 June - On 20 June, ECHA announced that the Socio-Economic Assessment Committee (SEAC) adopted a final opinion on the restriction of four low molecular weight phthalates. Based on socio-economic arguments, SEAC opinion confirms the position expressed in March by ECHA’s Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) supporting the restriction of the use of DEHP, DBP, BBP and DiBP in articles either imported or manufactured in Europe.

European Plasticisers welcomes the establishment of a level playing field for the European industry versus importers of articles manufactured outside the EU. Nevertheless, the very broad scope of the restriction may undermine the Authorisation of DEHP which is still pending after two and a half years from the Sunset date and despite the favourable opinion of both ECHA committees on Authorisation. Manufacturing of articles from recycled flexible PVC will also be affected by the restrictions decision with implications for the circular economy.

The final opinions of RAC and SEAC diverge from the position expressed in 2012 when they concluded in a similar proposal that, based on existing data and given the significant decrease in use and replacement by other plasticisers, restriction of DEHP, DBP, DiBP and BBP is not warranted.

The opinion of the two ECHA committees will now be evaluated by the European Commission, which should take a final decision on the restriction within three months. The proposed restriction will apply three years after the decision is publish on the Official Journal and come into force.

For more details about the scope of the restriction and its derogations, please refer to ECHA press release:
RAC and SEAC final opinion are available on: