Brussels, 22 September 2015 - Representatives from all the major plasticisers producers in Europe met in Brussels to discuss how to best address some of the most common challenges affecting the entire industry. All participants agreed that, as they face enormous regulatory and market pressure, it is essential to look at potential ways to work together and be able to speak with one voice which can be heard in Europe and beyond.

Stéphane Content, ECPI’s Manager labelled this meeting as a “long overdue occasion to sit down with such a large and diverse group of companies. Seeing their willingness to collaborate is very gratifying. This is a great starting point to come up with ideas aimed at improving how our industry and our products are perceived. A united industry will always be a stronger industry” he said.

At the workshop, participants also agreed on the need to engage and educate the wider community of stakeholders on the benefits of all plasticisers, the need for regulatory predictability and the socioeconomic contribution of the industry. As a next step, there will be a follow up meeting in 2016 focused on discussing how to have the right platform to represent producers in Europe and the role ECPI should play.