The REACH DINP Consortium today announced the successful REACH registration of DINP*, well in advance of the 1 December 2010 deadline.

DINP, a high molecular weight (HMW) plasticiser, is the main general purpose plasticiser for PVC in Europe. It is used primarily to make flexible PVC for a wide range of essential construction, industrial and automotive applications and durable goods. The REACH DINP Consortium successfully registered DINP under the REACH regime well ahead of the 1 December 2010 deadline. The consortium is managed by ReachCentrum and comprises the major European manufacturers of DINP, namely Evonik Oxeno GmbH, ExxonMobil Chemical Holland BV, BASF SE and Polynt SpA.

Retailers, brand holders and others who import articles containing DINP into the EU can continue to do so without any requirements to notify or register under REACH. This is because DINP is not on the EU Candidate List.

The registration of DINP under REACH was made possible by the comprehensive toxicological and environmental data which already exists, as well as the 2003 EU Risk Assessment Report that demonstrated safe use for all current DINP applications. Registration was also facilitated by DINP's status as a non-classified substance without PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic) or vPvB (very Persistent, very Bioaccumulative) properties.

"The early REACH registration of DINP underlines the extensive existing body of knowledge about the health and environmental safety of high molecular weight plasticisers," said Norbert Scholz of Evonik Oxeno GmbH and chair of the DINP Consortium. "We are fully committed to achieving REACH compliance."

DINP is supplied in Europe under two different EINECS numbers, and as a result this required two separate lead company registrations, one by Evonik Oxeno GmbH and one by ExxonMobil Chemical Holland BV. BASF SE and Polynt SpA are now in the process of co-registering. These REACH registrations permit the specific legal entities to continue to manufacture and import DINP in quantities greater than 1,000 tonnes per year beyond the December 1, 2010 deadline. The DINP Consortium is now working within the Substance Information Exchange Fora to assist other manufacturers and importers of DINP (or mixtures containing DINP) to co-register according to their needs and deadlines.

The European plasticiser market is gradually shifting towards HMW plasticisers. Together with the HMW plasticisers DIDP and DPHP, DINP represents 75% of European plasticiser consumption. DIDP has been REACH registered as of December 1, 2009 and DPHP will shortly be REACH registered, too.