25 May 2011

French Parliament vote: Communication to the plastic industry

The outcome of this vote has provoked a number of reactions and articles in the media. Some of these articles have implied a change in the regulations and as a result an immediate ban. However, this......

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04 May 2011

French Parliament vote: Plasticiser producers call for unjustified bill to be rejected

Against all expectations and against the advice of the Government, the French National Assembly adopted in first reading on May 3, 2011 Mr. Yvan Lachaud’s bill to ban the use of phthalates, parabens......

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18 April 2011

EU Commission report on endocrine disruptors

The European Commission published on 17 May the interim report: "Summary of the State of the Science on Endocrine Disrupters, Part 1". Committed to support the health and environmental safety of......

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30 March 2011

Flexible PVC made with high phthalates is safe for use

Flexible PVC articles made with high molecular weight phthalate plasticisers (also known as high phthalates), including flooring, wall coverings, and furniture, are safe for use in all environments in......

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17 February 2011

ECPI statement on the first REACH Authorisation List

The European Commission announced the adoption of the Decision to include the first list of chemical substances in Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation, the so-called "Authorisation List". The low molecu......

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