• 10Nov2015

    European plasticiser industry is concerned about the European Parliament Environment Committee’s objection to the Authorisation of recycled soft PVC containing DEHP

    Brussels, 10 November 2015The European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates – ECPI -   is disappointed and concerned by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee’s vote in favour of a motion for a resolution against the Commission proposal to authorise the use of DEHP in recycled soft PVC. The final parliamentary opinion is yet to be taken in plenary sitting and will be followed by the European Commission’s final decision - with no obligation to reflect the European Parliament’s opinion.

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  • 13Oct2015

    ECPI introduces journalists to a sustainable model for the flexible PVC value chain

    Paris, 12 -13 October 2015 - The third edition of the annual Media Field Trip, organised by the European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) took place in early October in the vicinity of Paris. The media trip, supported by VinylPlus, gave seven journalists from European specialised press the opportunity to get first-hand insights into the flexible PVC value chain through visits to two converting and one recycling factories.

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  • 22Sep2015

    European plasticisers industry meets to find stronger, united voice

    Brussels, 22 September 2015 - Representatives from all the major plasticisers producers in Europe met in Brussels to discuss how to best address some of the most common challenges affecting the entire industry. All participants agreed that, as they face enormous regulatory and market pressure, it is essential to look at potential ways to work together and be able to speak with one voice which can be heard in Europe and beyond.

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  • 11Sep2015

    Claims that DEP, DBP and DIBP are linked to miscarriage are not supported by robust science - association does not mean causation

    Brussels, 11 September - In recent days, media outlets have reported about a study, conducted by the University on Peking, linking a higher exposure to some phthalates to a potential increased risk of miscarriages in women.  Despite the study focusing on just three very specific substances, claiming association but not causation for DEP, DIBP and DBP, many of these reports have also inaccurately linked all phthalates to a number of health concerns. Contrary to the statements of the authors of the study DEP has not shown reproductive effects in animal studies and therefore the reported result is inconsistent with animal data.

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  • 10Aug2015

    Plasticisers session at PVC Formulation 2016 – Call for papers

    From 5-7 April 2016, the European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) will sponsor two thematic sessions at the PVC Formulation Conference which will take place in Cologne, Germany. The goal is to get in-depth insights into the world of plasticisers and flexible PVC applications. This will be a great occasion to meet representatives from the whole PVC value chain.

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